Martial Art MoviesWesterners have long been fascinated by martial arts. There’s something about the dedication, the secrecy, and the sage advice of an old sensei that really makes for a great movie. And the samurai swords, throwing stars, and high-flying kicks make for a stunning visual display.

Hollywood has blended the Eastern martial arts tradition with its own flashy style to create an entirelyMartial Art Movies new creation. Martial art movies exploded in popularity when Bruce Lee hit the big screen. After arriving in America at the fresh age of 18 with only $100 in his pocket, Lee proceeded to take the American public by storm. His martial arts prowess sent people to the theaters in droves and inspired the opening of countless dojos in North America and worldwide. Lee continues to be the preeminent martial art movies icon, even after his untimely death in 1973.

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The martial arts genre has continued to grow and evolve since its inception in Hollywood. There are strong parallels between it and the Western film. Usually martial art movies feature a hero who must do more than just battle with an external villain. The hero must also master an inner struggle or conflict to prevail in the end.

Martial Art MoviesJust like with action and science fiction movies, martial arts movies have benefitted enormously from rapidly advancing technology. Stunts that used to require wires or a vivid audience’s imagination can now be created just with a computer with the right software. Feats like soaring through the air with a sword in hand, or even running across water, appear regularly in recent martial art films.

You shouldn’t be discouraged from martial art movies just because you aren’t the biggest action movie fan. Although there is always some “action” in these movies, it varies in degree depending on the film. Some films in the genre make it the primary focus while others tend to focus more on character development and even love stories. A few of the best are listed below:

There really is something for everyone with martial art movies. From the amazing athleticism of the martial artists to the complicated characters, foreign lands, and even romance, this genre does not leave its viewer a wanting of entertainment.
Martial Art Movies

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