Indie MoviesIf you’re like me, your mom probably told you to never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, that’s what most filmgoers do. Movies lacking recognizable actors or directing talent, without the benefit of an enormous budget and advertising campaign, are often swept aside at the box office. It’s a shame. Some of the most compelling films I’ve ever seen were Independent (or “Indie”) films.

Indie movies have become catchall termsIndie Movies for movies that are produced without the backing of one of the major film studios in Hollywood.  They don’t enjoy the “buzz” of a film that has an actor like George Clooney or Julia Roberts, nor do they have the budgets for the awesome computer generated special effects and epic scope of the blockbusters. Indie movies have been around as long as film has existed. Despite their financial and marketing disadvantages, they continue to be created at a rapid pace.

Because Indie films start with zero exposure and a shoestring budget, they have to make up for this with a tight plot and compelling characters. There is no room for error; the stars must align for an independent production to get the level of publicity needed to make it to a mainstream audience.

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Indie MoviesOften, indie movies are directors’ early attempts to break into the film industry. They take risks and they are not yet tied to Hollywood convention. This risk-tasking and artistic expression, usually done through character-driven narratives, produce a stunning variety of results. It is interesting to witness this entrepreneurial filmmaking spirit in an environment that is so filled with convention and cliche.

There are some film festivals out there, like the Sundance Film Festival, that have brought an increased amount of exposure to independent filmmaking. Yet still, you have to search pretty hard sometimes to find the gems that don’t catch the judges’ or fans’ attention.

The best indie movies won’t wow you with their exotic locales or special effects. But they will captivate you with their characters, and take you on a psychological journey that is thought-provoking and often unexpected. Here are a few ofIndie Movies my absolute favorites:

Check out these fantastic films and witness film as it was meant to be- an art form of expression, not some sort two hour event where the director makes sure to hit every point on mainstream Hollywood’s conventions before the final credits roll.

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