Eccentric Cinema Tired of all the Hollywood conventions?  I don’t blame you.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a movie that seemed interesting and unconventional about halfway through, only to falter towards the end back into all of the worn out cliches.  The good news is not all films fit the common mold – you just have to know where to look for the interesting ones.

Some of the more popular cult classic movies fall into the category of what I call “eccentric cinema.”  This is a category, not a genre, because films of all different types refuse to follow the Hollywood norm.  There are tons of ways filmmakers go against the grain, whether it’s a unique lighting style, disjointed plots, or even allegorical tales with enough layers to make your head spin.

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Some filmmakers consider themselves artists before they consider themselvesEccentric Cinema craftsmen.  For that reason, artistic directors have pushed the envelope through eccentric cinema for as long as it has existed as a medium of entertainment.

Unfortunately, these types of movies are hard to come by in “mainstream” movie theaters.  If you have any arthouse theaters in your area, they are good bets to find some weird films to satisfy your appetite for something a little different.  And there’s always the option to check out some eccentric cinema online.

Eccentric  movies are often independently-produced.  Many of these low budget experiments are foreign films.  This is cool because foreign films will boraden your perspective to a global level, and inspire you to travel and explore new places.  Additionally, foreign directors are less tied down by traditional Hollywood conventions.  Here are some of my favorite movies to get you get you off the beaten path:

Have fun exploring these often underexposed films.  It’s cool to go into a movie and have no idea of what to expect.

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