Classic Horror MoviesIt’s pouring outside. The wind whips at the ancient house, sending hail and wayward tree limbs crashing into the windows. You’re upstairs, squeezed in the closet somewhere between all the hangars and the old winter jackets. You hear something downstairs that sends your heart nearly racing out of your chest. Yes, it was the front door creaking open. The sound is faint but unmistakable. Heavy footfalls echo in the foyer, circling the bottom floor. You press your ear against the closet door. The footsteps have stopped, and the only sounds you can hear are the storm outside and the cuckoo clock ticking in the living area. You sigh… maybe you were just imagining things. You reach your trembling hand to open the closet and freeze. Someone is coming up the stairs…

If this type of scenario intrigues you, you’ve come to the right place: welcome to theClassic Horror Movies world of classic horror movies! Horror movies, along with westerns and martial arts movies, are one of the most popular genres and appeal to a wide variety of film fans. Maybe there’s something dark within each and every one of us that relates to these movies. Maybe it’s a morbid curiosity that drives us to watch as we ask ourselves, what would I do if I was in that situation? Or maybe it’s just the pure adrenaline rush.

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Classic horror movies demonstrate just how powerful an emotional response a film can create when all of its components – the lighting, the sound, the background music, the cinematography – blend together to fill the audience with anticipation and dread. Unlike most of the scary movies that are currently released, many of the classic horror movies relied on more than just blood and gore to scare an audience.

Some of the best scary movies were true psychological thrillers, films that got into your head with their terrifying characters and kept you up late at night just thinking… wondering.  These are definitely my favorite kinds of classic horror movies, but there a few more blood-soaked ones that make the cut as well.

Horror movies, like science fiction movies, often incorporate surreal elements into their plots.  It’s not uncommon for them to feature unsavory characters like ghosts, zombies, vampires, demons, and werewolves.  But invoking the supernatural is not necessary. Lately, it seems that horror movie directors have relied a lot on the simple things that make up a good horror film… a group of young characters with little common sense, an abandoned house for a weekend, and a deranged killer.

These things have become so cliched that some directors parody the genre inClassic Horror Movies their newest movies, tipping a hat to the conventions while still trying to come up with something that is unique.  Here is a list of some of my favorites to get you started:

I tried to mention a few classic horror movies from different time periods and different styles (some are slashers, and some more psychological).  Have fun and remember… always keep your closet door closed.

Classic Horror Movies

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