Classic Comedy MoviesThere’s nothing better to take your mind off a terrible day than a lighthearted comedy movie. These films will make you laugh, not only because of the ridiculous situations their characters put themselves in to, but also because there is always a grain of truth in the humor.

Some of my favorite films are ones that make me laugh but also make me think. Classic comedy movies prove that you can still create a thought-provoking experience and send the audience home with their sides hurting from so much laughter.

Comedy movies are great for all occasions, whether you’re spending an evening in with the family or just hanging out with your friends. A bonus: these tend to make great choices for a first date as well! Going to see a funny movie with your date takes the pressure off to always have something to talk about, eases the tension when you can share some laughter, and gives you a great topic to talk about at dinner or wherever else you decide to take the evening next.

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Classic comedy movies have appeared frequently throughout Hollywood history. In fact, many regard this genre as the oldest genre in all of moviemaking. There are many different types of comedy movies, including dark humor, situational comedy, romantic comedies, and physical or slapstick comedies. Physical and slapstick, popularized by Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges, are two of the oldest branches because they do not require dialog to convey their message and get their audiences laughing.Classic Comedy Movies

Another interesting type of comedy is the comedy of manners, which pokes fun at the behavior and expectations of certain social classes, usually in the context of a love affair or some other type of family scandal. The roots to the comedy of manners can be traced back all the way to William Shakespeare, whose work has inspired countless Hollywood renditions.

There are still good comedies out there, but it seems you have to search harder and harder to find them. It’s been a while since I came out of the theater with my side aching from laughing so hard.

When I’m in the mood for something fun and I’m not happy with the current features, I turn to classic comedy movies to entertain me and help me see the light in things.

The list above mentions some of my absolute favorites and provides a sample of the different types of comedy… check them out and become fast friends with the belly laugh!

Classic Comedy Movies

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