Build a Hollywood BodyOne of the greatest things about going to the movies is the opportunity it gives us to escape. After the previews wind down and the opening scene begins, the director weaves an illusion that sweeps us away from the normal and ordinary, from the monotony of our daily routines, from the sweltering summer heat, and even away from thoughts of mortgages and paying for college (at least for a second!)

Although cult classic movies leave us with a lot of drama we were happy to see and even happier to have not experienced personally, there are always a few things we wish we could take home from the movies with us and make them a part of our reality.

Ok, ok. People might not be able to fly like Batman (you can still buy a plane ticket!), but that doesn’t stop them from trying to build a rocking body like him. The HollywoodBuild a Hollywood Body body has stood the test of time and survived cinema’s history. From the delicate starlets and the dapper leading men from Hollywood’s Golden Age to the sleek, sexy actors that grace today’s movie screens, one common theme is this: most of the stars have fantastic bodies.

These are the types of bodies that would make your girlfriend swoon and your grandmother blush. These are powerful, lean bodies, not too bogged down with muscle but still capable of anything.

I’m here to tell you that you too can build your very own Hollywood body. No, you don’t need 6 hours a day to work out or your own personal nutritionist. No, you don’t need to starve yourself just so you can look like Daniel Craig with your shirt off.

If you’re ready to get started, all you need is a little bit of dedication and the right information.

About 3 years ago, I began my own quest to build a Hollywood body. I read through countless fitness magazines, blogs, and even a few books on exercise and physiology. There is a ton of information out there, and it’s often contradictory and downright confusing. Rusty Moore’s program was my cue to stop looking. It sifts through all the hype and delivers practical advice and a way to get there.

Don’t leave your dream body in the movie theater. Work hard, and best of luck in achieving your very own body worthy of Hollywood fame.

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